Mad Science Faire

In a continuing cooperative venture with ConDor, Conjecture will be presenting the second induction into the Mad Science Hall of Fame. Honor those who have opened our eyes to things that man was not meant to know.  Five fictional and one real life mad scientist will be inducted into the hall at Conjecture.  In honor of this year’s Conjecture theme, all fictional nominees for this round of voting will be mad scientists from stories, movies and television taking place in The Future!  Davros from Doctor Who, Dr. Chaotica from Star Trek: Voyager, Namtar from Farscape, or maybe Dr. Rotwang from Metropolis, let us have your nominees.  Due to chronological limitations, real life mad scientists nominees must be from the 20th or 21st Century.  (Unless you have a working time machine, in which case, by all means, nominate yourself.)   Nominations will soon be accepted on our web site.

2010 also brings to Conjecture the Return of the Mad Science Faire!  Bring your diorama of your secret lair. Your disintegration beam.  Your experiment on the effectiveness of sunblock for vampires.  Your chart showing how your time travels have impacted your own family tree.  Then explain your creation or experiment to the assembled masses.  Start building now.  Display your genius to the world!  (They all laughed at the academy!)  The winner of this year’s mad science fair will be admitted as an honorary member of the Mad Science Hall of Fame.