Conjecture Gaming and Electro Lounge

This year Conjecture will have a variety of both Tabletop and Electronic Gaming. We plan planning on having several table top game demos throughout the weekend. Also our Electro lounge will have video game tournaments and Japanese Anime screenings all weekend, providing a fun and relaxing place to hang out.

Cyberpunk 2020

Steve Jackson’s vision of William Gibson’s dystopian future comes to life in this exciting role-playing game. Cybernetics, rock and roll, hacking, and corporate espionage are the name of the game. Take the role of an edge runner where your credo is to live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.

The Secret of Zir’An

The world of Zir’An is a world of high magic, ancient technology, fantastic adventure, terrifying threats, and vast potential for Adventurers brave enough to step into the Hand of Fate’s grasp. Ultimately the destruction or renewal of Zir’An will come to rest on the decisions of a few individuals. Such is the burden of Fate’s Chosen.

The Secret of Zir’An RPG is inspired by high-powered, dramatic adventure tales from the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Shiroh Masamune, weird fiction by H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker, and stylish occult suspense pioneered by Mike Mignola and Alan Moore.

Dark Heresy

You are an Acolyte in the service of the Emperors’ Inquisition. You stand in the front line of a great and secret war where your duty is to hunt out the foul stench of heresy, the vile alien, and the twisted influence of Chaos. You will tread where others fear, venturing to distant planets, ancient space hulks and the unsavoury depths of the under-hive.

You will never know fame nor reward, yet if you stand resolute your deeds will be whispered to the God-Emperor of Mankind and your name will be revered for millennia.

Dark Heresy is a roleplaying game based upon the universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. The setting of Warhammer 40,000 is a dark, gothic future where the Imperium of Man is beset by dangers within and without. In Dark Heresy players take on the roles of Acolytes of the Inquisition, aiming to uncover and combat the enemies of mankind, be they aliens, heretics or mutants!


It is the year 1867,
and it is a time of revolution.

The new science has done more than bring incredible technologies into the homes of everyday people. It has brought with it a new way of looking at the world. A way based on observation and logic that threatens the ancient dogma of Aluminat church teachings.

New political ideas are sweeping across Europe. Bismark ‘The Iron Chancellor’ is uniting the might of Prussia and the social order of Europe is threatened by talk of Communism and Bolshevism.

The industrial revolution seems unstoppable. New technology appears at terrifying speed. Machines are being crafted that seem capable of impossible feats. Many worry that mankind is becoming enslaved to the vast industrial machines that belch smoke into the streets of London.

In the supernatural world, the forces of order and chaos clash once more as the planes align. Their eternal battle reaches once more into the hearts and minds of mortals.

You are a part of the revolution, whether you are born to privilege in the salons of the upper classes, or on the streets in the darkened rookeries of the city. Around you is a darkness that lurks not only in the alleys and back streets, but also in the clubs and estates of the rich and powerful.

The power to make a difference is in your hands, it could be money and privilege, science or even sorcery. You have chosen to be on the front line of the new age; but will you fight against the changes or join the revolution?

Welcome to the world of Victoriana.

It’s been expecting you.

Step into a world of revolution and industry! From steampunk to historical drama, Victoriana offers you a vast canvas for any style of Victorian gaming. Cross swords with villains in Whitechapel or investigate sorcerous murders in the heart of high society. Travel to the furthest reaches of Empire and discover the mysteries of dark and ancient magic.

The secrets of Runelore, The Demon Lords, Aluminat Tradition and many others will be revealed.

Mouse Guard

The mice struggle to live safely and prosper among all of the world’s harsh conditions and predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed. After persevering against a weasel warlord in the winter war of 1149, the territories are no longer as troubled. True, the day to day dangers exist, but no longer are the Guard soldiers, instead they are escorts, pathfinders, weather watchers, scouts and body guards for the mice who live among the territories. Many skills are necessary for the guard to keep the borders safe. They must find new safeways and paths from village to village, lead shipments of goods from one town to another and, in case of attack, guard against all evil and harm to their territories.

‘Hail all those who are able, any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard prevail’

Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game based on the acclaimed Mouse Guard comic book series! Players form their own Mouse Guard patrol and attempt to complete missions while the Game Master takes on the roles of the weather, animals, and the wilderness, all trying to thwart the fearless mice. Designed by Origins Award-winning game designer Luke Crane for beginners and veterans alike. Its Watership Down meets Dungeons and Dragons with a dash of steampunk for good measure.


Starlight Dreams presents a two night LARP event of Season’s Price, San Diego’s longest running Changeling: The Dreaming Live Action Chronicle.

Enter the world a world of urban fantasy as Changelings, humans who posses souls of the fae. The Fae are born of the fantastical world of the Dreaming, where all the dreams of mankind flourish. Exiled from their homeland of Arcadia, the very heart of the Dreaming, the Changelings must survive in a cold harsh world of reality and darkness. Yet also they perceive a world of dreams, wonder, and nightmare.

The County of Balboa, an intrigue filled Court of Changelings is in the midst of a completion for the Countship. As the vicious and whimsical intrigues of the local faerie nobility play out, powerful magic will draw them into a dark future. Divided factions must ban together to uncover a way home to the past to prevent this dark future from coming to pass.

Past, present, and future collide in this latest installment of the four years and running Urban Fantasy epic of Starlight Dreams.

For more information on character creation check out the Starlight Dreams Production Official Facebook:!/pages/San-Diego-CA/Starlight-Dreams-Productions/183627857450?__a=18&ajaxpipe=1

Electro Lounge


Noon-3pm Anime Screenings

3-7pm Open Video Gaming

7-Midnight Anime Screenings


10am-1pm Anime Screenings

1pm-5pm Open Video Gaming

5-Midnight Anime Screenings


10am-3pm Anime Screenings

Gaming Schedule


Noon-4pm Mouse Guard
2-6pm Dark Heresy
4-8pm  Cyberpunk 2020/ Secret of Zirian
8-12pm Season’s Price Changeling The Dreaming LARP.


10am- Noon  Open Board Gaming
Noon-4pm Mouse Guard
4-8pm Victoriana/Dark Hersey
9-2am Season’s Price Changeling the Dreaming LARP


10am-2pm Board Game Demos: Agricala, Puerto Rico, and Shadow over Camelot.
11am-3pm Aberrant Games Demos