Conjecture 2010 is sponsored by San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, Inc. and brought to you by:

Chair: Val Ontell

Treasurer: David Bloom

Secretary: Jefferson Swycaffer

Dealers Room: Cathy “Nolly” Mullican

Fan Tables Cary Meriwether

Art Show: Glen Wooten

Con Suite: Rebecca Rowan and Stella Bloom

Staff: Brianna Faulkner

Gaming: Hector Reyes

Hotel: Ron Ontell

Operations: Jack Plummer with the help of the rest of the registration staff

Logistics: Darrel Exline – pre-planning only

Programming: Ryan Layton

Program Ops: Bruce Rowan

Guest Liaison: Kate Evans

Autographs: Brianna Faulkner

Iron Hack: Allison Lonsdale (emcee) and Jefferson Swycaffer

Filk and Concerts: Barney Evans

Films: Sandi Faulkner

Anime: Hector Reyes

Volunteers: Robert Doty

Masquerade: Nancy Hay

Mad Science Faire: James Hay

Dance: Hector Reyes

Publications: Sandi Faulkner

Advisor: Stella Bloom

Publicity/PRs: Hector Reyes

Registration: Ron Oakes

Staff: Jack Plummer

Staff: Tara Oakes

Restaurant Guide: Brianna Faulkner

Webmaster: Ron Oakes, with much appreciated assistance by Rebecca Rowan and Sandi Faulkner

Note that many of the position titles are also links to e-mail to the person or team in charge of that area.